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            Kestrel Web Services
            About Us

            About Us

            Kestrel Web Services are able to offer a complete solution covering all aspects of web site design, hosting and maintenance. We also offer consultancy services which cover idea generation and web marketing.

            The companies?core aim is to help businesses realise their full potential online through the design and build of innovative web based products and services.

            We have built up a reputation for high quality and innovation in a number of market sectors sample sites include :-

            B2B and Community Portals
            Job Board Services
            SPIE Career Center
            BioOne Career Center

            Some of our current and past clients include :-

            Institute of Physics Publishing
            Institute of Mathematics and Statistics

            Code of Conduct

            We observe the following principles in all our dealings.

            We treat our clients interests as paramount at all times. This means that we:

            Only accept work we are fully qualified to do
            Agree in advance exactly what is to be done and the basis of remuneration
            Keep all information about our clients completely confidential at all times
            Exercise proper due care in respect of all recommendations and advice

            Contact Us to find out more about any of the services we provide.

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